How to Get Hulu in Australia

If you’ve got questions such as what is Hulu Plus, how much is HuluPlus and how to get Hulu on PS3 in Australia, you’ve come to the right place.

For starters, Hulu Plus is the premium service offered by Hulu, for USD 7.99, and it lets you enjoy the latest US television shows (as well as some movies). Popular offerings in Hulu’s library include Glee, Modern Family, Once Upon A Time, Community, The Daily Show with Jon Steward, and so on.

Hulu Plus

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As you may already have guessed, the catch is that it is exclusively for Americans – unless of course, you follow this tutorial!

Before going further and teaching you how to get Hulu on ps3, and other devices, you should know that Hulu Plus, being an American service, may suffer from connection speed issues occasionally.

You’ll also have to bear through some ads (this applies even to US-based subscribers), and there are some shows that you can’t watch on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones (apps made for TV devices won’t have this caveat).

Also, before moving on to the signing up process, know that acquiring a Hulu plus log in will only be possible with select credit cards – American Express, for instance, is perfectly fine, which is why we’ve used an ANZ American Express card in this guide.

However, VISA will be less likely to work. Unlike that virtual credit card trick possible with Netflix, you’ll have to go the hard way to acquire a Hulu account. You may be able to make do with a US PayPal account but has not been confirmed at the time of writing of this guide.

       Hulu Quick Guide

            Step 1: Install ExpressVPN
            Step 2: Connect to a US-based VPN server
            Step 3: Login to Hulu to watch your favourite shows!

Step One – Getting past the geo-block

Before you get your access to Hulu plus channels from the comfort of your couch in Australia, you’ll need to get past the location check enforced by the Hulu website. You’ll need to use a VPN or Smart DNS service to achieve this, and our suggestion would be to go for Express VPN – it will let you access other websites as usual, while media streaming sites will be handled via the service itself.

They even offer a 30-Day Money-Back guarantee to help you ascertain the quality of their service. This goes perfectly with the seven-day trial offered by Hulu Plus, so you’ll be able to test both services in conjunction for a week to see if they work for you.

After you’ve signed up for Express VPN from their website, you should update the DNS values of your desired device, e.g. smart TV, gaming console, phone, tablet or your home’s WiFi router, to the values provided by Express VPN.

Remember to note down your original DNS settings, in case you have to revert to them for any reason. Next, log in to the Unblock-US website and verify that your settings have been successfully updated – a green tick will be indicative of this.

Step Two – Signing up for a free HuluPlus account

With ExpressVPN up and running, you’re technically in the United States, as far as Hulu is concerned anyway, so go ahead to the Hulu Plus website and begin the registration process.

Supply all your details, as usual, making sure you provide a working email address and a strong password that you can remember.

On the next page of the sign-up procedure, you will be asked to enter your zip code / postal code, which will require some trickery.

The credit card trick works thus: supply your usual Australian credit card (remember, an American Express will work best), but for the postal code, you’ll need to make an American one by adding a ‘0’ at the end of your regular Aussie code, or a ‘1’ to the front. After this, you’ll need to verify that your newly created postal code corresponds to an actual US Postal code, from here.

If this doesn’t work, you could go for ‘90210’ which has always been known to work, but it would still be better if you used one based on your actual zip code.

Remember that some US states have a sales tax, but not the following: Oregon, New Hampshire, Montana, Delaware, and Alaska – so you might want to go for a postal code from these states if the one based on your code didn’t work.

With a bit of luck, your credit card will be cleared, and you will be able to complete the registration process and get your login at last. If it didn’t work, well, there isn’t much to be done at the moment. You could try your luck with a US-based PayPal account if you’re interested.

Hulu Plus ContentsWarning:

While testing out this procedure, we ran into a small hiccup with our bank-issued American Express card – it got temporarily suspended for unauthorised usage when we used it to sign up, but this was quickly remedied by a call to our bank, which got the transaction unflagged and we were able to continue.

Just a heads up for you, because if your bank is vigilant (as it is supposed to be), you may run into this problem. Alternately, you could use a card issued directly by American Express to avoid this problem altogether.

Step Three (Optional) – Installing the Hulu Plus App

If you want to get your Hulu Plus content on your PS3, you’ll have to get the app for it as well, and of course, you’ll need to set up your PS3 console for Unblock-US (if you haven’t updated the values on your primary WiFi router that is).

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To work on iPad, iPhone or Apple TV Hulu Plus requires an app download, but you’ll need to make a US-based iTunes account first, and ExpressVPN will be needed here as well.

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